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About US

Welcome to English Jobs

We are the newest job portal dealing exclusively with ESL jobs across the world. As the name suggests, we help ESL teachers wishing to take up teaching English jobs abroad and more. The portal is a one stop information centre for teachers who are aspiring for an ESL career and the TEFL training institutes who want to publicize themselves. Along with ESL job listings, provides information on the TESOL and TEFL schools across the world. If you are a TESOL or TEFL training institution, you can also advertise with us. Teachers who want to take up an ESL job are not always TESOL certified, which is a mostly a mandate for teachers in this profession.

Organizational Details

The portal was fabricated over four years ago. English Jobs Abroad is a venture of GLOBAL TRAINING ACADEMY. Within a few months, the portal has gained popularity with the teachers, recruitment agencies’ and schools. We are based in Singapore with offices in USA, Hong Kong, Bangkok and our IT division is based in India. Bangkok is the epicenter of our activities. is being well maintained by our very talented IT team. There are dedicated professionals who are in constant contact with the clients and work dedicatedly. Currently, our portal is visited by thousands netizens from around the world. We aspire to increase the rate of visits from thousands to lacs in near future. Sincere efforts are underway to make this project reach its pinnacle. We also wish to start with our resume service as soon as possible.

Our portal is exclusively for employers and teachers who are linked with ESL. Numerous new jobs are posted each day for the second language English teachers in our portal from various recruiters around the world.

How We Help ESL Teachers

Teaching English jobs abroad provides an opportunity to most ESL teachers to travel to and explore exotic locations. In fact, a lot of people pursue the career of ESL teaching because this profession guarantees teaching English jobs abroad helping them to follow their dreams of travelling to far-flung countries.

We help ESL teachers by posting on our site all the available openings for English jobs abroad. Interested ESL teachers can browse all the English jobs abroad in their preferred locations. The pre-requisites of the ESL job openings for the various English jobs abroad are also mentioned in the site so an ESL teacher can easily understand whether he or she is eligible for the job profile. Moreover, the ESL teachers can also directly apply for the English jobs abroad from our portal.

Our portal is the perfect network for ESL teachers. We bring the openings of various English jobs abroad at the fingertips of the ESL teachers. Moreover, many ESL teachers also find that they perhaps do not have the right qualification for getting teaching English jobs abroad and we bring them recommendations for various renowned TEFL or TESOL teacher training institutes which can help them to train themselves to become competent ESL teachers eligible to get English jobs abroad.

Our Objective

Most ESL teachers

We aim to be one of the top ESL job portals in the world within a year. Our mission is to give the best and all round information, which the second language English teachers require and help ESL teachers to pursue their dreams of taking up teaching English jobs abroad. We want to develop a perfect network between schools, institutions, recruitment agencies and the teachers.

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